Zone 22 Hazardous Location

ATEX Category 3D and 1/3D Zone 22 Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Tiger-Vac offers a complete line of ATEX Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for use in Category 3D and Category 1/3D potentially explosive atmospheres classified Zone 22. Our product line includes single & three phase electrically operated models and pneumatic (air-operated) models. Our technical team can help you select the right ATEX vacuum cleaner for your application.

What is an ATEX Zone 22 Vacuum Cleaner?

ATEX is an abbreviation/acronym of “ATmosphères EXplosibles” (Explosive Atmospheres). An ATEX vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner which is specifically designed, built and certified for use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres (also known as Hazardous Areas).

Zone 22 Hazardous Areas are working areas endangered by the presence of combustible or conductive dusts that have the potential to be explosive in the presence of oxygen and a source of ignitionZone 22 Hazardous areas are commonly found in the following industries: bakeries, food processing, pharmaceutical, flour and grain mills, plastics & composites, 3D printing, firing ranges, automotive industry, etc.

To prevent explosions from occurring in these sensitive working environments, the European community has adopted two directives concerning Potentially Explosive Atmospheres called ATEX directives. These two directives outline the responsibilities of manufacturers and customers concerning the use of equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres.


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