Premium Tech carries more than 1000 types of industrial vacuum cleaners to enable us to provide our customers with diverse cleaning and recovery solutions for any Contamination Controlled Environment and Hazardous Locations.

We are the exclusive regional distributor for Tiger-Vac International Inc., offering a wide range of Tiger-Vac Industrial vacuum cleaners. Tiger-Vac is a leading manufacturer of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for Contamination Controlled Environments and Hazardous Locations since 1983. With over forty years of experience, Tiger-Vac has successfully established itself in the international market as a manufacturer of high-quality Explosion Proof, Industrial and Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner Systems.

Our friendly technical team has many years of experience in supporting various industries including cleanroom, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, 3D printing etc. We can work with you to customise the right premium vacuum solutions for your work environment to ensure the safety of your employees and to protect your properties.

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